What has happened with Batteries since November 2017

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Jul 4, 2016
In November this year we had some grandiose announcements where through a handful of companies hundreds of billions of dollars are going to be pumped into the electric battery. There has been no news of any one big break though. One good remark has come about and it is the coalition of battery manufacturers state they have agreed to source EV minerals ethically. There has been no detailed outline or further information surrounding the statement so we are not really sure what it means but it is off to a good start or good intentions anyways. Another interesting story to follow in regards to EV batteries is there was some indication Google and Volkswagen are using quantum computers together in order to forward a variety of purposes. The interesting part is one of those purposes is the EV battery and its intention to include simulated material structures for high-performance E vehicles batteries and new materials.
The battery for the EV is a stubborn mule in the sense that not much can and has been done to give it great improvement. To compare it to the rest of technology and science it moves forward like a slug. With Tesla bringing out a second generation Roadster and its Semi trucks these battery woes better change quickly with the influx of money generated this month because good intentions or not we need the battery to improve.