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Sep 8, 2018
My dealer gave me a good overview of vehicle features, but did not mention a break-in period. I finally came across the break-in recommendations in the owners manual after using the vehicle for a month.

The manual says: "Drive moderately for the first 300 miles. After the initial 60 miles, speeds up to 50 or 55 mph are desirable."
(I presume that means that we are supposed to stay below 50 mph for the first 60 miles.)

I was on the highway by the time the battery ran down on the way home, so the first 70 miles on the gasoline engine were at 70 mph. Since then, the vehicle has been driven about 10 miles in hybrid mode at city speeds and about 500 miles around town on battery power. (Along with 17 miles that were already on the odometer when we picked the car up.)

1) What are the consequences of ignoring the break-in recommendations?
2) Would it make a difference at this point to drive another 200 miles in hybrid mode before using the vehicle on the highway again?