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Aug 9, 2016
2018 Chrysler Pacifica S package 'murders out' the minivan
Andrew Krok · Oct 12, 2017
Minivans aren't often referred to as aggressive, but a new appearance package for the Chrysler Pacifica could change that.
Chrysler will offer the S Appearance Package on the Touring Plus, Touring L, Touring L Plus and Limited models. For the low-ish cost of $595, you can murder out your minivan with a number of black trim pieces. For an extra $995, you can cap it off with a set of 20-inch wheels in black.

Wondering where the Rolling Stones reference is? Check the gallery below. Chrysler
The S Appearance Package adds gloss-black accents in a number of places, including the grille, headlight accents and rear valance molding. The Chrysler wing badges are black, as well as the "Pacifica" and "S" badges. Eighteen-inch black alloy wheels are included, as is a black roof rack on every trim except Touring Plus.
Inside, you get a bit more than black. Light gray accents appear on the seats and in the stitching on both the instrument panel and steering wheel. Nearly everything else is black, though, including the overhead console, headliner, visors, light bezels, A-pillar trim, center console and seats. Hopefully, your children don't spill too often.
The S Appearance Package is only available on 2018 Pacifica models. Dealers can start ordering these blacked-out minivans this week, and they should arrive in showrooms later this fall. Other 2018 Pacifica updates are mild, including an upgraded 4G LTE (formerly 3G) Wi-Fi hotspot.

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