The Queen of green as her Majesty adds more eco-friendly vehicles to her fleet of electric cars

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Jul 5, 2016
I'm all for this type of promotion. Look at how much the Pope has influence the people to go green with an EV and even if someone doesn't buy an EV the message of "we must take steps to look after the earth" is coming through loud and clear. People like the Queen or the Pope have huge followings that mimic and believe in everything they do. I am all for this

The Queen of green as her Majesty adds more eco-friendly vehicles to her fleet of electric cars

Her Majesty has picked up a Nissan van to transport machinery and plants across the Palace's grounds
21:50, 15 OCT 2017
The Queen has added an electric van to her collection(Image: Daily Mirror)
The Queen has gone green with a growing collection of electric vehicles.

Her Majesty has three electric cars in the Royal Mews and is now adding a van to her fleet at Buckingham Palace to transport machinery and plants.

The eco-friendly Nissan van is being added as part of a refurbishment to the gardeners’ compound needed to meet an increasing number of events and ceremonies at the Monarch’s London residence.

The new charge point featured in architects’ plans means the van will not need to leave Palace grounds and if it does will be exempt from the congestion charge.

Her Majesty has used electric cars in the past(Image: PA)
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The Queen was given an electric Twizy by Renault in 2012 and the Royal fleet also includes a BMW i3 and hybrid 7-Series.

Confirming the expansion of the Queen’s electric vehicles, a spokeswoman said: “The Royal Household has had two fully electric cars, and one hybrid, for official use by the Royal Mews for several years.

“There are two existing dedicated charging units for these vehicles, at Buckingham Palace and Windsor Castle.

“Additionally the gardening team will shortly replace their existing vehicle with an electric van.

“An application has therefore been made to introduce a charge point in the Long Shed at the back of Buckingham Palace.

“This vehicle will be used for transporting machinery, plants and personnel.”