Battery charger to reach 60% in 3 minutes

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Jul 4, 2016
It's one of the Holy Grails for battery researchers and electric-car advocates alike: a battery that could recharge in the same amount of time as it takes to stop for gasoline.

Some of that can be provided by charging at higher rates, as Porsche's proposed 800-volt system for 15-minute fast charging would.

But most of the change has to come deep within the cell chemistry itself.

Israeli technology startup, StoreDot is known for its fast-charging cells, and it first discussed its plans for electric-car batteries in 2015.

The company says that the FlashBattery technology within its pouch cells use "nanomaterials in a layered structure" and "proprietary organic compounds" to deliver a "radical improvement" over conventional lithium-ion cells.

The technology allows for "unprecedented charging rates," according to StoreDot.When multiple cells are assembled into modules, and a battery pack is assembled from 40 modules, the company says the result will power an electric car with 300 miles of range along with 5-minute recharges.

The company demonstrated that technology at the Cube Tech Fair in Berlin.

The company said it has 30 material scientists, biochemists, organic chemists electrochemists, and device engineers working within its laboratories, in which it has invested about $20 million.

StoreDot said it combines nanotechnology and organic synthesis, as in biotech facilities, a development process that is similar to the process of developing new drug.

StoreDot shows fast-charging battery cell, Cube Tech Fair, Berlin [via Periscope: Gruendermetropole]StoreDot shows fast-charging battery cell, Cube Tech Fair, Berlin [via Periscope: Gruendermetropole]
It also claims its compound is safer than lithium-ion cells because it's non-flammable and has a higher combustion temperature.

A user named Gruendermetropole showed that demonstration in a Periscope video that runs about five and a half minutes.

The presenters first played the marketing video above; at the end of the demonstration, the display on a large screen suggested the battery cell had reached 60 percent of charge in just under 3 minutes.

Then the presenters shut it down.

This would be the biggest game changer for all of EV time!!
Haven't heard anything more about this Googled it try to read something recent because I agree it would be a game-changer but obviously they've run into some problems as I'm not seeing anything in the news about it