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Aug 1, 2016
Thought I would share my thwarted attempt to buy a Pacifica hybrid.

Went to the first Chrysler dealer and they knew nothing of the vehicle and clearly weren't interested. They told me none on the lot and no idea when they might have them. I asked if I could see a non hybrid limited to check out the features and the sales person pointed the the very end of the lot and said they are out there somewhere and walked away.

Went to the next Chrysler dealership. Showed up at 4:30. They asked me if I knew what time it was as they close at 5. They reluctantly had a sales person talk to me. He knew nothing of the vehicle and said they weren't sure they would ever have them as they were all going to California.

Went to the third dealership right after the recall. Sales person refused to believe the recall had occurred and said he could get me one. He then tried to convince me that the fed tax credit would not apply because I had already used it for the purchase of a plugin Prius. This is not true, but for some reason he insisted. I then asked him and his manager how quickly I could actually receive a vehicle and what would it cost. They refused to tell me unless I placed an order.

Went to another dealer to confirm I actually could order a vehicle as the last dealer had told me. They told me all orders were restricted indefinitely due to the recall. Called back to the dealer that was willing to order and told them another dealer said they were restricted. They said they would check and call back, never heard from them again.

This was going to be my first new car purchase ever and at 50k you would think Chrysler dealers might actually want to make a sale. I guess I am back to buying used cars.
It's hard to believe dealerships that wouldn't be interested in selling a vehicle! Where are you located?
upstate NY. Yes, I was amazed how little interest they had in making a sale, especially since it is a really expensive purchase.
Hi ClippKing, thanks for sharing.

Any updates on this? Did you find a dealership that was interested in your business? Or did the experience turn you off from the Pacifica altogether?
What??? This is crazy - did they have any explanation for their behavior? Pls keep us informed - so sorry this happened during a time that things should be really fun and exciting
No I gave up and bought a used BMW wagon. I might see what the used pacifica hybrid market looks like next year. I am really curious about the deprecation. Seems like the tax credit situation sets up an interesting problem. If used pacifica hybrids are priced anywhere above the price of a new one minus the tax credit it makes more sense to buy new. So they loose $7,500 after you drive off the lot, at a minimum. Thus at $42,500 new a used one would have to be priced at least a few grand below 35k or I might as well purchase new - as long as the tax credit holds up Am I missing something?