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    11 minutes of no information review

    It's a visual looky-loo review LOL
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    Are Plugin Hybrid cars still relevant?

    They totally relevant because they get a ton of more mileage than just a hybrid and they can get more mileage than electric vehicle with the help of the back up gas motor
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    Seven Western states sign deal to expand electric-car charging networks

    The southern states get a lot of sunshine this should be a no brainer. Making solar power affordable the energy could be harnessed for almost free.
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    DHL to test self-driving delivery trucks in 2018 PLEASSSE - give this up - I can do with drones delivery things more than self driving vehicles - this is crazy no one has taken all the uncontrolled variables in...
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    Waymo's Safety Report is all about reassuring passengers

    Well looks like they are still using the Pacifica so that is encouraging as they must feel it has good safety features ;) Too many questions they still have to work out like how does the self driving vehicle handle emergency vehicles or an accident situation in front, back or to the side of...
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    Battery charger to reach 60% in 3 minutes

    Haven't heard anything more about this Googled it try to read something recent because I agree it would be a game-changer but obviously they've run into some problems as I'm not seeing anything in the news about it
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    Review: 2017 Chrysler Pacifica - Does it REALLY compare to the Odyssey and Sienna?

    No they are not comparable because in the end the Pacifica offers just a bit more across the entire board which makes it a better choice
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    Honda Odyssey vs Chrysler Pacifica - AutoNation

    The comparisons are so helpful The Odyssey does have some great things to it I like the back seat ottoman pull out but it still doesn't compare to the type of Drive the Pacifica is giving
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    DC fast charging for electric cars: what's here, what's coming, what's hype?

    The hype is fast charging is the only way to go if electric vehicles become mainstream we will not have enough charging areas stations Chargers Etc to fulfill all the charging that is going to need to be done so with fast Chargers in and out more people can charge up more people can be on their way
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    Testing EV batteries

    The battery for EV's is a work in progress. No one is able to change the battery for over 100 years and you can bet there is hundreds even thousands of people right now trying to crack that code and come up with something more effecient :)
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    Full walk through of all the tech features - anyone need a review?

    No I don't think it does it uses UConnect
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    Latest Recall - August 31, 2017

    Here is the latest recall - You can enter your VIN here to see if this recall applies to your vehicle:
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    Platinum for both 2017 & 2018 models

    2018 buildsheet says it does have the Super Console and the Universal Garage Remote I didn't think that was going to be offered. I also thought Plantinum was only for 2017 but it says there is "2018 CHRYSLER PACIFICA LTD PLATINUM HYBRID WAGON".
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    2018 Pacifica

    For the 2018 models they are introducing all LED headlights for the Hybrid and Limited models. The Base model will still come with halogen headlights but other mid level trims will get the HID headlights.
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    2017 Chrysler Pacifica Limited long-term road test: what fits inside?

    no doubts the space is a huge selling point. everyone rides in comfort in almost any type os scenerio
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    Pacifica sales drop in month of August I wonder if this is due to all the recalls and problems :(
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    Lithium-ion batteries finally have a rechargeable competitor So we are seeing more and more about batteries changing for the better lately but no real substance or quoted stats yet,
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    Cargo Mats

    Only the Pacifica hybrid
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    Attempted Pacifica Purchase

    What??? This is crazy - did they have any explanation for their behavior? Pls keep us informed - so sorry this happened during a time that things should be really fun and exciting