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    California Doesn’t Have Enough Charging Stations to Hit Its Electric Car Goals

    Sure embarrassing but not surprising I'm not sure all of these states or countries that are claiming the huge electric car goals are going to be able to meet them just based on the infrastructure itself that stuff doesn't get made and usable in a day
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    Electric Car Charging Cables Only Need One Thing To Be So Much Better

    Wireless would be the way to go or even charging while driving would be the best but yeah I do see how the cords could be manufactured better
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    Who should pay and who should profit from charging?

    When does have the same parameters as oil-based Industries I realize that electricity as a utility so the ability for the government to harshly tax and increase the cost of electricity would not be a smart move for society as a whole but wouldn't it be a utilities owner who would benefit and the...
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    Waymo rolls out autonomous Pacificas without human drivers

    Send a technology is fantastic and for company owners such as Lyft or taxi drivers it will really enable them to reap all the monetary benefits of not having to hire people and provide benefits but I'm not a big fan of the big rigs yet and because of the weight load and the size Factor one small...
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    Backseat checkers is the best part of the Chrysler Pacifica

    I think this is the best review of the Pacifica for parents. Reviews the vehicle with all the things we want in mind - how to keep the kids happy and quiet in the car. From the entertainment system to 13 cup holders for drinks, crayons and gadgets - one heck of a family design...
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    LONG-TERM ROAD TEST UPDATE : 2017 Chrysler Pacifica

    I never have used my in car nav systems. I find the nav on the phone is so so so much better
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    LONG-TERM ROAD TEST UPDATE : 2017 Chrysler Pacifica

    Not informed enough to know what you mean. Can you please explain. Thank you
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    2nd Row Head Rests

    According to owner's on another forum no the headrests hardly move at all
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    2nd Row Head Rests

    Looked into why the 2nd row headrests don't move or extend really and why they even have a button to fool us into thinking they do. Here is the reason So this makes sense now and all of us who were trying to get those headrests to budge we can forget it now lol
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    Out of stock for the 18" wheels?

    Here is something a bit odd. I noticed when playing around and building a van onsite that a $175 "discount" on the price for the 17" wheels. Looking online at the Chrysler website, it says that 18" is standard and there is no option to change. Are folks getting 17" wheels when they order or the...
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    Range is lower than anticipated rumour

    There have been some rumours out there that the Pacifica is not getting the 500 mptank as claimed but more like 300 mptank. Anyone know anything about this?
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    Running Boards

    What are the options for running boards? Is there a few kinds to choose from? Do we have to get them after market? I'm asking because I came across these ads on the net today This is for the Pacifica Touring L plus
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    AT NIGHT: 2017 Chrysler Pacifica - Interior and Exterior Lighting

    This video is a great idea - shows you everything from the lights perspective for night time. Good for people who have a bit of trouble driving at night or with night vision - you can see what it is you are getting. The rear lights have a funky shape to them :)
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    2017 Chrysler Pacifica Limited - Ultimate In-Depth Look

    This is very long - 46 minutes but it goes over everything! I didn't know the shifter is a dial - I find that totally cool! Also the junk drawer found in the bottom of the front console is so fantastic and practical.
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    The Differences Between PHEV & HEV

    Nice info. I like the PHEV more than the hybrid because as this article says the hybrid is relying on the gas powered vehicle where as the phev is doin its thang using the gas powered engine as a back up incase you forgot to fully charge or your trip was extended by surprise etc. I fee with the...
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    playing CDs

    I haven't heard anything about this but on another site there was a big debate on CD players and how they are obsolete etc. I find them very useful with kids. The library is a very cheap for of entertainment and entertainment supplies for kids and low and behold you can take out CD's. My kids...
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    The Pacifica Hybrid War Wagon (All Aboard!!!)

    Oh Man - I have a really old van right now but they are great for camping in with small kids lol thinking of all the fun and silliness. Hope you have a great time!
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    2017 Chrysler Pacifica: New strong rival in minivan niche

    The base model is still running around the same price as the Honda Odyssey but the hybrid blows it all out of the water. At approx $42,000.00 there really is not another comparable minivan that high. If I were to buy a minivan right now I would only want the hybrid. That being said $42K for a...
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    U.S. Pacifica Hybrid Delay- End of March

    On another thread on here it was referencing some hold up in Quality Control - not sure if that is it but would explain the delay