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Ordering Process

Sun Aug 27, 2017 12:57 am

. The ordering process is basically as follows:

1) You order and get VON
2) A VIN is generated
3) You go to D1 status (scheduled to be built)
4) You car is assembled going through E (Frame), F (Paint), and G (Trim)
5) Your vehicle is released by the plant (KZ) and shipped (KZM)

The vast majority of the ordering process will be spent in D1 status while you wait your turn to be built. You can pester the chat line and your dealer for an estimate -- but it is just that, an estimate. The system really doesn't tell you much. One time the Chrysler chat person told me "oh, your vehicle has been in D1 for 28 days and the max is 30, so it will build next week." FALSE, it was not. Another time, a very helpful person from chat said wow, you've been D1 for a while, let me see what is going on and contact you later. The next day I got an email from him and he found out my vehicle would be built the week of 8/8. FALSE, as on Friday, 8/14 I was still D1. But, he was close as it was built the next week.
About 6 weeks from day ordered depending on transport time (where you live). Built in Windsor,ON ( Detroit).

Once the vehicle is being assembled, going through E, F, and G only takes 1-2 days and things go quickly from there. So, there is really not much to track -- just am I D1 or am I assembled?

The good news is you can track that yourself. Within 24-48 hours of assembly, you should be able to view your Build Sheet by going the following address (NOTE, this is not a hyperlink. Copy this into your web browser and REPLACE "XXX" at the end of this with your VIN):

And, about 24-48 hours after that, you should have your Window Sticker at the following address:

Once you have these things, your vehicle is likely on the way, and your dealer should be able to give you an ETA for actual delivery. Your van is also probably showing on the dealer's website as in transit at this point.

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