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Grammy gets a minivan for the second time in life and loves it

Wed Jul 05, 2017 10:42 pm

If you are a grandmother like myself the Chrysler Pacifica is a vehicle that still has appeal even at my age. I had a lot of kids and therefore I have a lot of grandkids, 8 in total ranging from 9 - 13 year old. I usually have 4+ kids at one time so this is where the minivan came back into my life for the second time. You really need to see the Pacifica up and personal because pictures don't do it justice and you really need to test drive it to "feel " how much improvement there is over the minivans of 20 years ago. The U connect system is a God send from DVD, to interactive games the kids can play with to the optional Harmon Kardon sound system These are all features that make any long drive or even a Saturday of errands with the kids so much easier and more pleasant for everyone. The size of the cabin is spacious and roomy and plenty of holders for drinks and snacks. It has great pick up and go for passing when you are in a hurry and the gas mileage is decent - you could offset this by purchasing a hybrid or plug in as well. All in all the drive is comfortable and stable and cornering is better than you would expect. I chose the Pacifica because no SUV or Crossever was going to give the space comfort and safety of the Pacifica. I also liked that on You Tube I was able to find every video I ever wanted explaining to me my techy and not so techy features.

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Re: Grammy gets a minivan for the second time in life and loves it

Wed Jul 26, 2017 11:08 pm

Yes for many of us the space of the mini van is so worth it in the loss of coolness lol I'm glad you are enjoying it Grammy. Here's to a great summer with the grand kids!

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