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Pacifica goes electric

Wed Jun 14, 2017 3:30 am

http://www.detroitnews.com/story/busine ... 102693186/

This is an indepth review of the Pacifica but the article starts off by asking Does anyone want an electric mini van? This question is never answered just goes into a great review leaving no stone unturned. Last year the Pacifica sold 62,336 and this year up through to April already 35,479 units have been sold

The review is really long use link to read it

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Re: Pacifica goes electric

Thu Jun 15, 2017 7:59 am

It's a very thorough and positive review... judging by the fact that by April they had sold more than half of the number they sold last year (of all models) shows that it is a popular vehicle. Being the only electric minivan on the market will have a lot of appeal too.

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Re: Pacifica goes electric

Tue Jun 20, 2017 2:51 am

All electric would be quite the feet for such a large and weighty vehicle maybe new battery technology will make it happen i will keep my fingers crossed

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