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Owner's words on owning a minivan

Thu Apr 13, 2017 8:31 pm

Is it just me or Mini-Vans just get a bad rep in how people think on its image

One of my neighbors (drive a SUV), she abhors mini vans LOL tho when she saw our new Pacifica she thought it looked like a SUV and liked it.

For me I been driving a mini van since high school to sneak out friends for lunch.
My father loves mini vans because they are roomy and comfortable and give much better gas mileage than SUVs.
I have no cares on what others think if I am driving a mini van or not and don't really have that stigma.

More than just image, I think they are much more roomy, more comfortable and better in almost every way other than power but I guess tho we do get 287 HP and 262 Torque which is pretty good for what it is.
I may be alone in this thinking but wish the different models did get a different power output maybe like 2-3 different power outputs..
Would have been nice if the top or top two trims got like the same HP rating as the 3.6L in the charger/300/challenger.

I really like the handling for what it is, and only thing I wish now is some more exterior mods to make it personal and somehow down the line, MORE POWER.. LOL

I know mini van and power doesn't really go along but every time I am at the front of the light someone always steps on it and feel like they always have to get in front of me.. LOL

Maybe I might have to do some mods for power to get that extra ooommph and yeah I want to see people's faces when they go W T F when I am passing them in a mini-van.. LOL

I must say tho, the 2017 Chrysler Pacifica looks great IMO...better if I can get a hood with a functional hood scoop with some flowing side vents.. hehe
I think mini vans are the practical and utilitarian's goddess of all gods. I agree with everything this owner says except where I bolded. The problem is mini vans are in the fast lane to much holding back people who want to pass them. I have never had that experience he or she is talking about where I was passed by a minivan and was surprised lol lol

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Re: Owner's words on owning a minivan

Sun Apr 16, 2017 4:54 am

Mini vans do have a horrible stigma - and Imo it's uncalled for. Sure they are not sexy or glamorous. The are big and fantastically practical. Up until now us family promoters and people haulers have put up with a horrible driving experience to get the job done. Thank you Pacifica for giving us some luxuries, a nice driving experience and all the extra cameras to see around our big moving boxes :D

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Re: Owner's words on owning a minivan

Tue Apr 18, 2017 7:37 pm

Here is another one I found that you might enjoy
First 1,000 Miles
Just turned 1000 miles over on our Limited.

Mostly driving it back and forth to work (20 mile roundtrip) and we took it on one short road trip (150 miles roundtrip). It was comfy on the longer trip - and quiet (back passenger side still has a sporadic rattle - but it didn't make a sound that day)!

I was concerned that I'd have to have the "sun shade" closed under the sunroof, but even in the bright sun, I've had it open, so the interior is nice and bright. Driving with the sunroof open is pretty quiet - much quieter than the Audi was.

One day last week some moron zoomed around me and then cut me off as he turned into a gas station and I about jumped out of my skin when the "brake-alarm" went off!! I've since adjusted the setting.

We have the Harman Kardon speakers and the sound is really nice.

Hubs really likes the way the seat moves back when the motor is turned off - I like it too, but the seat is so far back that it makes it difficult for me to get in (while carrying my handbag and laptop bag) - it's a small detail - if I remember, I hit the memory seat before I get in so it's closer / easier for me.

We do not use the auto stop/start thing - it's a minor aggravation to turn it off every time .. but again - very minor.

Not having to mess with a gas cap when fueling up is super! (And so is not having to pay for super premium gas!)

Love all of the space - we've had the grandbabies a few times - it's nice to be able to stash their bags, coats and whatever else in between the 2nd row seats (and they LOVED watching "Sing" on the screens right in front of them!)

Love the space for groceries and other goodies while shopping too - the only downfall to using the back is not being able to open it up and unload while in the garage - most of the time we will put the groceries in front of the 2nd seats - so it's not a deal breaker.

Seems everything sticks to the carpeting - I put really cheap rugs with no backings down in the front as soon as we brought it home - decided to change them and get something that would match for the back (that's my OCD kicking in) and when I took the cheap rugs out - there was ALL sorts of lint all over the mats. I preplaced the cheap-no-back rugs with black rugs with rubber backing - so it's all good now.

That new car scent gets me every time I get in! So far I am really pleased - much more than I thought I would be - I really didn't think it would be "cool" to drive a van, but I stand (sit?) corrected!! I feel very cool (as cool as a gramma can be) driving it!

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Re: Owner's words on owning a minivan

Mon Dec 18, 2017 5:37 am

There are a lot of large SUVs that provide nice cargo space like a minivan however the configuration of the minivan is truly based for families and how we can move the seats back and forth in and out even stole them away is absolutely fantastic so I know people will post they like the space or like the interior cabin space but in fact it's the configuration of that space that makes the minivan a great family vehicle

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