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Top Issues Owners are Facing

Sun Dec 10, 2017 4:11 am

The Pacifica has been plagued with some serious problems and they are not really doing a lot about it which is very frustrating for owners to say the least. The bad customer service is Chrysler a 50/50 reputation. One one hand they have a spectacular reputation for coming out with the Pacifica when they did but on the other hand the issues at hand are not being addressed in a manner that is indicative of good customer service.
I have compiled a list of the major problems Pacifica customers have been vocal about. We have read about complaints with the distorted Uconnect screen. This is an easy fix and for many people the dealership seems to have just fixed the problem by replacing the LCD touch-screen.
The Uconnect theater crashes. This was first reported back in July. Initially, the Uconnect theater would crash and reboot by itself but over time it wouldn't even reboot by itself anymore. To make matters worse the rear screens were powering on by themselves. No fix came from Chrysler in an appropriate manner.
Then we heard about problems with the climate control. It would locked itself into a too low temperature and overall there was just a lot of bugs and problems with it. These were fixed once the Pacifica made it to the Chrysler dealer.
This next issue has been posted in media with some graphic photos to prove it. The power doors are suppose to stop and move in the opposite direction in case of an obstrucion like an elevator does but on the Pacifica this is not happenin all the time Chrysler has a built in safety feature for the Pacifica power doors and ideally if there were anything to obstruct the doors path while it was closing or opening the door with sense this and move in the opposite direction or stop. I am reading a lot of people on different forums and different media this is not happening and some people have posted pictures where you can see how the skin has been ripped up on their arms or legs
A common problem with the Pacifica is the backup cameras. If you are not in optimum light the camera will show black. Unless you are parking outside don't rely on your backup camera to work in a dark garage or dark parking garage. Once again there has been no appropriate resolve with this issue. Once the Pacifica is out in a nicely lit area the camera will readjust and work. Some people have tried turning it off and on for it to readjust.
This next issue was brought to media and the internet's attention in the very beginning upon release of the Pacifica and I am so surprised it still is an issue. Some owner have complained there is a roof rattle which gets worse in higher temperatures. The sounds seems to be coming from the panoramic roof seam above the second row seats, the dealerships have found a solution.
The bumper on the Pacifica is quite low and gets caught up on curbs and wheel wells all the time Be very careful when you're parking you don't want to loose your bumper on a curb and have to pay to get it back.
The final and easily the largest safety concerns so far that's come out with the Pacifica that has been no concrete solution or remedy is the fact that the Pacifica just shuts off it dies during travel. Not so bad if you are in a relatively safe environment like a parking garage or school zone or Intercity at 50km but when people are on the freeway this is a big deal because the safety ramifications are just astronomical in this situation. It is so dangerous and yep there has not today been a recall for this.

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Re: Top Issues Owners are Facing

Sat Dec 16, 2017 10:06 pm

That is really tough on some people. How disappointing and frustrating. Also I would be very angry. I hope their problems get solved so they can move on.

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