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US and Canadian government can't afford EV future

Tue Sep 26, 2017 1:49 am

So I keep reading about India and China with the goal of out lawing gas powered cars. Maybe it might work in other countries but I don't see how Canadian and US governments think they can afford loosing the gas vehicle. For starters there is about 23.5 billion dollars in gasoline and diesel taxes going to the Canadian government this year how do we replace this? Tax electric cars that much and where if not at the gas station ...or how about the ever popular roadways tolls... Has anyone put some thought to the Carbon Taxes? In an all electric future this taxable pyramid will crash leaving government with no other means to generate a tax base similar to the one they get from gas taxes. Public transit, infrastructure and roadway maintenance will all come to a grinding halt. I'm not sure what governments have up their sleeve in Canada and the US but it better be something good cause 20+ billion dollars is a lot of cash

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Re: US and Canadian government can't afford EV future

Tue Sep 26, 2017 5:23 pm

This is no joke however we do see some areas where the government is already thinking about how they can recoup some of the losses. For Example, even in electric friendly California some charging fees can run up to 300.00 per year. They also have a 100.00 emissions free vehicle tax and 7 states have already eliminated the subsidies for Ev's. Finally, the government has full intentions of getting rid of the federal tax credit of 7500.00. Now I know this is not going to add up to the millions ..oh my mistake...BILLIONS it is loosing on gas taxes but we are seeing them think about it.

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