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Chrysler Pacifica Owner experience

Fri Feb 10, 2017 5:58 pm

I read an incident in another Chrysler Pacifica forum and thought it'd help people here.

Hey gang,
I thought this might lend some peace of mind to fellow Pacifica owners.

My wife was stopped with her turn signal activated last night with two of our three boys in the van when she was smoked from behind by an inattentive driver in a Nissan Altima.

The Altima disintegrated and the Pacifica was still looking pretty good. Even the tailgate operated well enough that I could get the groceries out.

Nobody from either vehicle has shown any immediate signs of injury - but these things often take a few days.

Lesson of the day: Don't undervalue the importance of safety ratings when purchasing your vehicles! Chrysler has done an admirable job of engineering this car and I am relieved that my family was driving a modern, well-constructed vehicle. Good job Chrysler! (Now if only you had a good dealer network...)

The extent of the damage to the Pacifica is not yet known, but I'll keep the board posted.

Ironically, this is the first brand spanking new vehicle we have ever purchased - we usually score deals on demos - and now it's irreversibly damaged with only 8,000km on the odometer. Such a bummer! But, again, at least everyone is okay. ... tough.html

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Re: Chrysler Pacifica Owner experience

Fri Feb 24, 2017 12:17 am

A good reminder to give more attention to the safety ratings - thanks!

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