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How to use the Sam's club 1000.00 rebate

Fri Jul 14, 2017 2:59 pm

Thought this might interest a couple people
The sam's $1000 rebate is separate from any of the car buying (trucar-like) systems. In other words, you don't need to price shop with Sams at all. You simply go to their website, enter the information EXACTLY like your sam's slub membership (have heard of cases where if the name is not a match, system may not recognize). After you fill out the online form, you get a code #.

My understanding is that the code # then enters some Chrysler accessible system that they can "look up" to confirm that you are eligible for the rebate. We filled out the rebate about 48 hours prior to purchase, so it should not take long for it to activate, if not immediately.

Our approach was to obtain the lowest possible price for the vehicle, which was an internet price advertised about $9500 off MSRP (including dealer discount and chrysler incentives), then apply the Sam's Club $1000 on top of that.

I've heard that there may be some discounts that conflict with the $1000 Sam's discount that might reduce it. But that was not the case for which ever incentives were applied in our case - we clearly observed internet price - $1000. I don't know if the dealer takes a hit in any way by applying the Sam's discount, so difficult to answer the "when to approach" or other goofy excuses that car dealerships are famous for. Our approach was to find an honest salesperson, let him know our expectations on pricing and intent to use the Sam's rebate. The sales person was able to confirm the rebate was in the computer system prior to purchase discussion.

It all worked out fine, no funny business or dealership crazy tactics, up-sells, etc. Hope you find the vehicle for the right options and price you are seeking. It is a great (dare I say fun) family vehicle thus far for us.

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