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Home charging brand recommendations

Tue Apr 18, 2017 7:33 pm

I would highly recommend the JuiceBox 40A from eMotorwerks. Very interesting concept, you get cash if you opt for charging during low demand hours but it's totally your choice, you can also force it to go for the quick 2-hr charge... It's a smart charger you can control from your phone app and is also a much cheaper option than the 2K Mopar fast charger. Best is probably to install it as plug-in to a standard 220V 14-50 receptacle so, you can take it with you to other location. Installation specs are as follows:

For the JuiceBox 40 plug in (standard)

You will need the following:

A 2-pole, 50A breaker
A NEMA 14-50 receptacle ( NEMA 14-50R)
#6AWG copper wire with 3 conductors and a ground. If single conductor THHN wire is used, the ground may be #10AWG per NEC 250.122 calculations
Note: the neutral wire is not used, but may need to be present in the receptacle to be to code.
If for an outdoor installation, please add the following:
A NEMA 14-50R outdoor enclosure
Shade for the JuiceBox so it is not in direct sun, exceeding the 90°C mark.
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You can have the electrician wire a NEMA 14-50 plug recepticle with 50A dedicated 240V circuit. That will be sufficient for most chargers.
I think the one from Chrysler may be a 30A/220V (6600W) charger - which would only need a 40A circuit.
But that's probably a more expensive option than a 3rd-party like OpenEVSE (or even GE or others)

I would still go with a 50A circuit.
1> If you have the wire in place for 50A circuit it's really easy to go down to 40A if needed.
If you have wire in place for 40A circuit you have to install new wire to go up to 50A.(and possibly new conduit - since you're in Chicago, you probably need conduit)
2> A higher-powered EVSE will automatically negotiate with the car for the highest power each can do - so it won't do more than 30A if that's all the Pacifica can handle. And if your friend comes over with his Volt or Tesla or whatever it can potentially charge his car faster.
3> price of 50A breaker vs. 40A breaker and price for larger wire is going to be small ($10? $20? depends on length of the wire) Savings from going with OpenEVSE should be much larger.

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Re: Home charging brand recommendations

Sun May 07, 2017 7:59 pm

good information - thanks!

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