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Does anyone have issue with their front collision warning system?

Sat Mar 18, 2017 11:16 pm

I'm really scouring now for owner reviews and issues (good and bad) to come to light with the Pacifica because it's on the road now. I really haven't come across too many negative things but the bad things I have read seem to be significant. Below are two quotes off of the Complaints segment of a type of CarFax site. Has any one heard or have input in the issue below?

I have a 2017 chrysler pacifica equipped with a fcw (frontal collision warning system). i have owned and driven other cars with this system that have operated without issue. the fcw in the pacifica has three settings that can be selected by the driver for sensitivity. near, medium and far. i have tried all settings without any difference. the system does not audibly warn the driver of a possible impending collision at any speed or distance under almost all daily driving scenarios. this includes heavy traffic, city and highway, and situations with frequent abrupt stops. i have driven 4,135 miles in two weeks in very heavy traffic with lots of emergency breaking with no warning from the fcw on the pacifica. the system has activated once with an approximate distance of 5-7 feet, upon approaching a chrysler 200 at at approximately 25 mph. the dealer technician states no codes are in the system, and therefor it is functioning. i discussed this matter with the customer service manager at the local dealership who is escalating the matter to chrysler dealer support for further evaluation and follow-up after he experienced my issue on a test drive. in addition, this vehicle does not operate per the videos chrysler publishes on its website as an example of fcw on its cars. based on my experience with other vehicles equipped with fcw, i believe the fcw on the pacifica is not properly calibrated to warn drivers of impending collisions via an audible alert as described in marketing materials and in comparison to other vehicles i have driven with this feature.
Acc & fcw. mine did not work. the dealer had my car for 2 weeks. they had to contact the chrysler engineer & was told to replace & re-calibrate. so after being replaced it somewhat works. after the new parts, my car will still brake hard when a car in the adjacent lane is exiting (as if the car was braking in front of me). but, if a car changes lanes directly in front of me or slams on brakes directly in front of me my car doesnt react? chrysler has definitely fallen short on this function. i've owned vehicles where this function worked nearly flawless. chrysler says its as good as its going to get. another misrepresentation on this feature! i'm disappointed. chrysler claims the pacifica to be the quietest vehicle in its class. after driving it about 8 months now, i hate it. it's as noisey as a small car. "acoustically sound with its active noise cancellation (anc), subduing engine and street noise through white-noise wavelengths played through all speakers throughout the vehicle". the anc is in all trim levels. chrysler at this point doesn't even have a way to test the product to see if the anc is working! star tech support of chrysler is still trying to figure out how to test this feature!!! i had a chrysler customer service rep tell me that the anc was for my cell phone, lol, i was like are you sure you work for chrysler?? third, is the suspension and rear sway of the vehicle. when there are only 2 people up front it's not noticeable. but when we have 5-6 people it's noticeable. chrysler customer service tried to tell me i had the van over capacity. really! so my 7 passenger van was over capacity with 5 people (4 adults, 1 child, 3 luggage)? again are you sure you work for chrysler?? fourth, my key fob randomly loses connection. fifth, i had the a/c failure and my a/c had to be replaced. i have requested a buy back. too many misrepresentations.

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